Who Invented Bacon?

Bacon must have been cooked for the first time when humans learnt to domesticate wild boars. Nothing is known about the person who cooked bacon for the first time. The North Americans and most of the English speaking people count only the meat from the side of a pig as bacon whereas to the people in the Middle East bacon is a rather broad term. Meat from goat, chicken, beef, and lamb is also classified as bacon in the Middle East. Bacon is also known as rasher in countries outside the United States. Bacon is sometimes confused with salt pork. They are different dishes because their recipes are not identical. The way it is cooked and the geographical locations divide bacon into various categories. Canadian bacon (also known as back bacon), middle bacon, streaky bacon, hock, jowl bacon etc are some of the most famous types.

In Asia, bacon is eaten mostly in South Korea and Japan. The South Koreans call their bacon ???, which means ‘three layered meat’ and it is eaten communally, accompanied by garlic, mushrooms and onion. The Japanese call their bacon ‘beikon’, and it is used in a Japanese dish ‘tempura’.

A study on bacons has found a link between eating bacon and cured meals (bacon). The study suggests that it may lead to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) i.e. lesser air flows through the lungs which causes shortness of breath. COPD is a reversible condition but if unchecked, it keeps on getting worse over time.

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