Who’s Best Brunette Anime Character?

If you’re wondering what some of the best brunette anime characters are, this article will provide you with an overview of some of the most popular brunette characters in anime. The list of characters includes Takagi san, Nagisa Furukawa, Yui, and Sakura. Each has a unique look and personality that makes them stand out in an anime series.


Sakura is an anime character who appears in the series Cardcaptor Sakura. She is a brunette and is the sister of Toya Kinomoto. She is a shy girl, especially around her classmates because she doesn’t know how to speak Japanese. However, she has a talent for singing and is a member of the school choir club.

Sakura’s hair is brown and she has a sweet nature. She starts out as a shy girl, but eventually develops multiple personalities and finds out who she truly is. Her hair is shiny and brown, and she is modeled after the voice actress Kaori Shimizu.




Takagi san

Takagi san brunette anime characters include the female main character Tohru. She is a high school student who likes to cook and promotes herself as a good housewife. Before she met Satoru, her mother had abandoned her and she was living in a tent. She also had a part-time job as a landlord to pay for her education. She doesn’t hold grudges and believes in second chances. She also likes to tease her classmate Nishikata.

Takagi is a witty and charming character. She is a bit clumsy, but she’s also quite clever. She has feelings for Nishikata and often teases her. She’s clever and intelligent, and she has a very strong will to succeed in life.





Nagisa Furukawa

Nagisa Furukawa is one of the best-loved brunette anime characters. The free-spirited second-year music student is a bit of a slob. She has terrible cooking and cleaning skills and a slightly bossy attitude. Despite her flaws, she is a very sweet character, and her character story shows that a brunette can have a sweet side too.

Nagisa is also very innocent and wholesome. She is the main reason why Clannad is such a heartwarming anime. Her relationship with her younger sister, Priscilla, makes Clannad a truly emotional story. On the other hand, her antagonist, Irene, is more powerful, aggressive, and desperate.






When you think of anime characters with a dark skin tone, you probably don’t think of Yui. In the K-ON! anime series, she is the lead guitarist and vocalist. She has a short hairstyle and blue eyes. Her personality is very fun, and she’s quick to say “yes” to anything. While she may act like the kid in the group, she still has a serious side and is very competitive.

Another popular brunette character in anime is Asuna, the first official member of the SAO party. She is a kind swordswoman who often watches over her friends. Eventually, she becomes romantically involved with Kirito. Despite being a brunette, she’s one of the most powerful brunettes in anime. Her strength, courage, and determination make her one of the most popular brunettes.





Priscilla is an anime character with dark brown hair. She has a very unique personality and has gone through many different phases. In the beginning, she was very childlike and was distraught over the death of her family. She also viewed everything in black and white, and she thought Teresa was evil for killing human beings.

Priscilla is also relatively inexperienced and has yet to become fully trained as a Claymore. She fights with a combat style that emphasizes physical abilities, making her a powerful and dangerous fighter.



The first time you meet Satomi, you may be shocked to know that he is male. His features are soft and he might be mistaken for a girl. However, he was never forced to deal with his gender because people just assumed he was a girl. The character’s first appearance in the series is a sweet, innocent male who helps other characters. Satomi is very approachable and has a lively spirit.

Unlike most anime characters, Satomi was born with brown hair. She later had it dyed pink. She had it professionally colored to match her eyes. Her hair was a shocking color for Japan at the time, but she genuinely wanted it to be that way. It also accentuated her blue eyes.





The manga and anime series Detective Conan revolves around a high school detective named Shinichi Kudo. He is the main protagonist and narrator of the series. The series follows him solving crimes, and he is known for his great intuition. Shinichi is also able to defuse bombs without instructions and has performed first aid on many victims. His ability to change personas seamlessly is another notable trait.

In the manga, Shinichi meets Makiko Izumi, a cheerful young girl who takes a liking to him. She is helpful and friendly, and once accompanied Shinichi to the hospital to visit his father. She is also independent and rebellious, skipping school so she can go shopping.






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