Why Do Feet Itch?

For some people Itching is the worst thing that could happen in the world. Once if it clicked then a person just can’t get rid of it even when one have tried all the possible ways like rubbing foot with finger and pen, twisting the paper clip into the itching foot, hitting it against a table, beating it against the ground, but generally all goes in vain. None of these is helpful in controlling or stopping the itching. Some people even hurt their feet to get rid of itching. But question is that, where does this itching come from, what causes it and how to fix it?

A foot itching occurs because of various reasons. For example- miss fitting of shoes and socks is a major reason of feet itching. Sweating and moisture also results in itching feet. For frequent incidences of itching one must consult a doctor for proper diagnosis of problem.

Dry skin is more prominent for itching feet. Two situations, dermatitis and eczema cause extreme dryness of skin and this result into itchy dry feet. After consulting with the physician some suitable ointment or some cream should be used, to cure skin dryness. Another reason for foot itching could be the athlete’s feet. It is the situation where fungus incubates between the toes which result to itchiness. This fungus can be treated easily because various medications for this problem are available in the market. But a physician consultation is a must before going for some medication.
Reasons for itching
There are about seven causes of foot itching. These are: Ancylostoma duodenale, Athlete’s foot, Dry skin, Contact dermatitis, Foot rash, Hookworm, Favre-Chaix angiodermatitis. Some of these are explained as follows:
Ancylostoma duodenale: Ancylostoma duodenale is a type of plague which occurs by the bloodsucking hookworms that causes severe diseases in humans. This is more common in people who work barefoot in moist soil. These hookworms suck blood from the bowels of the person which can even lead to anemia.
Athlete’s foot: Athlete’s foot is a situation where fungus arises between the toes. Redness of feet and inflammatory response is common in this case of itching. In case it happens, one should regularly use powders and anti-fungal ointments. General Precaution to avoid occurrence of this situation are- change socks regularly, keeping your feet dry, wash your feet with anti-bacterial soap and wearing shoes in public showers. Consultation of physician is also recommended.
Dry Skin: Dry skin surely causes your feet itch. Dry skin can results into red peeling patches of skin, flaking, and cracked skin and obviously it leads to severe feet itching. Dermatitis and eczema are two conditions that cause extreme dry skin. To avoid the dryness of skin, make sure that your shoes should be comfortable and use of foot creams is recommended. One can also use exfoliate to remove the hard skin.

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