Why Do Flowers Have Fragrance?

We are enchanted by the fragrance of flowers in the spring season when we pass through a garden. Nature has gifted many things to the flowers like beauty, nectar, attractive colours and fragrance. The flies and the insects get attracted towards the flowers and then sit on them. They help in pollination by carrying the pollen grain of one flower to the other flowers. In this way plants and trees multiply on their own. The oils present in flowers give them specific fragrance. Different flowers have different oils. The fragrance of these flowers spreads in the air when the oils of the flowers keep on evaporating. Oils are extracted from these flowers to make perfumes. Perfumes are made by different methods. In one method, steam is passed through a pot in which the flowers are kept, the steam that comes out from the pot contain oil. This steam is then passed through water. The oil brought out by steam begins to float on the surface of water and then the oil is separated from the water. Maximum amount of perfume is produced by France. About 110 kg of rose flowers are used to extract one ounce of rose perfume. Generally the flowers are extracted from the flowers like Rat ki Rani, jasmine, lavender, Pandarus, rose etc. The red violet and blue colours of flowers are produced by a pigment anthecynanin whereas the other colours are produced by plasted pigment. These pigments remain mixed in the juice of the flowers. Some flowers are of green coloured due to the presence of carotene and chlorophyll pigments in them.

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