Why do People Dream?

“Dreams are related to our inner selves”. There are different thoughts, views and myths that create a base for dreaming. Dreams are essential part of a sleeping process because both positive and negative vibrations accomplices with them. Different people have different views on the question that why do people dream? A dream can be simply defined as, “the response to our daily activities, thoughts, feelings and sensations.”
They are the reflection of thoughts possessed by the mind, generally in past two or three days. Because different people have different experiences so the views about dream can be described in various ways:
* The activities which are performed by us in the recent times get reflected in our mind by means of images, thoughts and sensations during the sleep. We can also examine it if we think and relate our dreams with the recent events that occurred in our life. By doing this, we’ll notice that dreams are nothing but only the reflection of what we have done or thought in few past days.

* As mentioned earlier, dreams are related to our inner selves and every person always has something hidden inside him, like some desires, thoughts or feelings which he can’t express publicly due to some restrictions or self limitations. All these hidden thoughts get occupied in their subconscious mind which then strike with their conscious minds in a dream during a fare sleep.
People dream because it allows them to mirage a world where all of their desires and wishes came true, without any social restrictions.
* Dreams talk about our life. There can be a hidden message in some dreams which may help to guide an individual in dealing with his problem. Many dream analysts have a tendency to teach the humans that how they can interpret their own dreams. Because each person has its own thoughts, experiences and feelings; so they themselves are in a best position to interpret what their dreams actually want to convey.
It has been found that different psychotherapists or analysts have different interpretations of same dream. One expert may believe that a particular dream means this; on the other hand some other dream analyst may have different opinion about the same dream. Even some experts also believe that we dream opposite to what we have done in our past days. So dream analysis can not be seen as an efficient science.
Any one can easily forget a dream. In fact, we remember only the last one we had seen during last sleep. Research shows that dreaming helps in growth of brain. Everyone dream about average of 100 minutes in a night. We should not take our dreams seriously, in fact one should learn to enjoy them and accept them in a positive and vivacious way.

Written by Lucas Beaumont

Generalist. Wikipedia contributor. Elementary school teacher from Saskatchewan, Canada.

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