Why do People Talk in their Sleep?

When people talk loud while they are sleeping, that situation is known as sleep talk. Sleep Talk in medical sense is known as ‘Somniloqua’. In modern life this situation of sleep is more common observation in people. The one who listens to the person talking in a sleep, may or may not understand what exactly he or she is talking about. Sleep talk can occur because of some sleep disorders, for example; sleep walking, nightmares, medications side effect, mental stress etc. The content talked by a person in a sleep can be offensive, senseless, vulgar and sometimes strange too. Sleep talk may occur many times during sleep.

Reason for Sleep Talk or Somniloqua
One reason for sleep talk can also be the dreaming as it is closely linked with it. People generally dream in a stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Sleep talk also occurs in the same stage i.e. during REM sleep. Generally, in a dream a person go for a conversation with the mirage subjects of dream. Sometimes this conversation gets loud and excited so that it becomes sleep talk. Even if we are dreaming something that is very horrible or thrilling, we start shouting and screaming with fear.
It has been noted that about 50% of the young children and about 5% of the adults do sleep talk. Ratio can’t be distributed in terms of sex; it is common in men as well as women. It is quite possible that the adults who speak while sleeping are suffering from some mental stress. Sleep talking is harmless and it does not need any serious treatment. But, if it is very frequent then one can go to the doctor. He can help by telling the exact reason for sleep talk. But one should not forget to tell the doctor about previous and recent medications.
Some people also believe that sleep talking is related with the spirits. They believe that the good spirits communicate and interact with us by means of sleep talk. Superstitious people believe that good spirits guide us, encourage us, protect us, inspire us and even warm us about dangers of near future. On the other hand, bad spirits can be considered affect us many negative ways. So, it is believed in many parts of world that sleep talk is a conversation with these spirits.
Actually Sleep talk is associated with some sleep problems. All these sleep problems can be treated in a separate way. But medication is not at all a solution to sleeping problems. Doctors generally promote people to develop good sleeping habits to get rid of sleeping problems. For teens, sound sleep of at least 8 to 9 hours is recommended. Watching television and playing games till late night is harmful for mental health and it leads to various sleeping problems.
If somebody feels that he or she is getting complete rest at night and still having sleep problems then one should consult a doctor because it is quite possible that some other health problems are associated with it.

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