Why Is Cutting Of Nails Painless?

We experience severe pain when some part of our body gets hurt or cut. We don’t feel any pain in cutting our nails.

Do you know why is cutting of nails painless?
We have total twenty nails in our hands and feet. Nails are composed of dead cells therefore we do not experience pain in cutting them. Nails are developed from the skin and they are made up of special type of material known as ‘keratin’. Keratin is a type of dead protein. The base of the nails is situated inside the skin of the fingers. The skin under the nails has flexible fibres. These fibres are attached to the nails and keep them in fixed position. Normally, the nails are thick but their roots inside the skin are very thin. The portion near their roots is semicircular and white in color. This part is known as ‘lunule’. The nails of finger grow at the rate of two inches per year. Nails play important role in our life. We can pick up things and do artistic work with the help of nails. They also protect our fingertips. Ladies decorate their nails by painting them with different colors as they have intimate relationship with their beauty. Nails are fragile in nature. They can become defective and start breaking because of the shortage of some nutritive substances. In case of cuts and burns, permanent damage may occur to nails. In addition to man, some animals also have nails. The nails of monkeys and chimpanzee are quite similar to that of ours. The hoofs of the ox, cow horses etc. are also made of nails. The cat, dog, cheetah and lion also have nails in their claws.

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