Why Smoking Causes Lung Cancer?

Relation between the lung cancer and smoking
Almost everyone is known with the fact that lung cancer is caused by smoking. But by going through this article you will come to know that “why a smoker is much more susceptible to lung cancer” and “what is their in tobacco that causes the lung cancer”.

According to recent studies it has been clear that smokers are 100 % more susceptible to some diseases as compared to non-smokers. List of these diseases also include the names of pneumonia and stomach cancer. 100 % susceptibility doesn’t means 100 % chances of getting the diseases. It actually means that a 100 % susceptible person will have double chances of getting affected by the disease as compared to the non-smokers.

Risk assessment
But for lung cancer the risk factor is extremely thrilling. A man who is smoking from more then 40 years is 2300 % more susceptible to the risks of dieing with lung cancer. (I.e. that person is 23 times more susceptible to risk of dieing with the lung cancer), as compared to some other person who is a non-smoker. According to recent studies it has been concluded that a non smoker has less then 1 % chances of dieing with the lung cancer by the age of 75. On the other hand, a person who quits smoking at the age of 40 has 6 % chances of dieing with the lung cancer by the age of 75. Moreover the person, who keeps smoking until he reaches the age of 75, will have 16 % chances of dieing with the lung cancer. These facts well explains the risks of smoking. And if a smoker fortunately escapes from the strike of lung cancer then other smoking problems like heart-attack, COPD etc are still in waiting list.

Why smoking causes lung cancer?
Smoking is the major reason of lung cancer because the smoke of the cigarette contains various carcinogenic chemicals like NNK and benzo(a)pyrene. Deposition of these carcinogens in the lungs causes severe DNA damage, inflammation and oxidative stress. These disorders promote the induction of the tumors in the lungs. Carcinogens of smoke causes severe DNA damage and human body is unable to repair these genetic damages, as a result cells (genetically ruptured) losses their growth regulation abilities and they finally develop into a malignant tumor.

Lungs are one of the most important organs of human body. Healthy lungs are basic requirements for proper respiration. But any disorder (lung cancer) in the lungs can not be detected in early stages. So, lung cancer is extremely lethal. In some cases lung cancer also metastasizes and its spreading takes place to other organs of the body also.

Medical field is concentrating on developing new methods for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. But at present time, best cure of lung cancer is its prevention. If you are not a smoker then never go for smoking, and if you are a smoker then quit smoking immediately. “Say no to smoking and say yes to life”.

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